Security Engineer at Syndis

Chair of the board at the Icelandic Pirate Party

Junior Security Consultant at NCC Group

Co-founder of Adact

represented Iceland in the International Olympiad  in Informatics 2018 (Japan)

Happiness Strategist at CCP Games

won the Hack the Crisis Iceland hackathon

won the Gulleggið 2022 idea competition


Figuring out how to bridge the gap between understanding languages and being able to speak them as a founder of TVÍK

Co-founding an Icelandic organization around humane technology

Community building at Effective Altruism Iceland

Pretending to be a philosophy student at the University of Iceland

Taking a course in AI governance


Fixing the world: read my mission statement

Becoming an open source person

Offering high-impact projects support with tech, business development and community building - book a meeting

Making this site mobile-friendly


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